Okay, so i tried rolling up a weapon to see just how viable the tables were.  Here’s what I got:

Table A: 40, so it’s a slicing weapon.

Table B: 95, so it’s a powered weapon, by a chemical battery (it just keeps going and going…)

Table C: 02 – so the main skeleton of the thing is a plumbing pipe.  At this point, the whole thing seems buggered: a powered slicing weapon based on a pipe?  Don’t despair!  Just use your imagination.

Table D: 63 (+3 for the pipe) so 66 — it does a fair amount of damage: 3d6.

Table E: 67 — so it has a +1 to hit with its targeting chip (ok, maybe a little unbelievable with this weapon, but hey, we’re roleplaying here!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Slace”, swung like a mace with blades mounted on dual rotating heads to “weed wack” some wasteland scum!

🙂 — this fits very well with my general rpg philosophy that the randomness should support and inspire the GM, not dictate what he should do.