An NPC from the game i’m running.


He will eventually be made into a paper mini, cuz hey, who can resist the whole town drunk / mad martigan thing?  Certainly not me.  Drinky actually fights better when drunk — like “Drunk Master” but with more puke and regrets.  This brings up a good question — addictions in Mutant Future?  Should they be treated as mutations?  Like “+2 to hit while inebriated, -2 when sober”?  What say you?


Here’s our brave (or foolhardy) players engaging some hastily pasted hemofowl.  Two of them contracted hemophilia from this fight, much to their chagrin.

Hemofowl suck eggs.

Hemofowl suck eggs.

Paper Minis for MF

July 2, 2009

I’ve posted some to the Mutant Future Forums about this idea, but I’m going to make a set of paper miniatures for MF.  I’ve gotten a “pigman” and a player character mini done thus far.  Take a look below:

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feel free to use these in your games, but it would be super cool if you could let me know that you are using them!  Maybe a pic with em in use?  That would be REALLY rewarding.