July 30, 2009

Name:  Baahbar

Level 1 Mutated Animal (Elephant)
Natural Weapon: Tusks (1d8 Dam)

STR 11  CON 13  DEX 11  INT 8  CHA 9  WIL 14

Aberrant Form (Three eyes)
Body Adjustment
Increased Willpower
Mind Reflection (Negative)
Acestral Form



“Mr. Boom” (Blister Rocket Launcher)  -2 to hit, but on hit, victim must save vs. stun from concussion
Damage: 3d10 per hit
range: 500 ft/1000 ft
Trigger Type:  automatic


Wrist Force Shield Generator – AC 4


An NPC from the game i’m running.


He will eventually be made into a paper mini, cuz hey, who can resist the whole town drunk / mad martigan thing?  Certainly not me.  Drinky actually fights better when drunk — like “Drunk Master” but with more puke and regrets.  This brings up a good question — addictions in Mutant Future?  Should they be treated as mutations?  Like “+2 to hit while inebriated, -2 when sober”?  What say you?

Here’s our brave (or foolhardy) players engaging some hastily pasted hemofowl.  Two of them contracted hemophilia from this fight, much to their chagrin.

Hemofowl suck eggs.

Hemofowl suck eggs.