Okay, so i tried rolling up a weapon to see just how viable the tables were.  Here’s what I got:

Table A: 40, so it’s a slicing weapon.

Table B: 95, so it’s a powered weapon, by a chemical battery (it just keeps going and going…)

Table C: 02 – so the main skeleton of the thing is a plumbing pipe.  At this point, the whole thing seems buggered: a powered slicing weapon based on a pipe?  Don’t despair!  Just use your imagination.

Table D: 63 (+3 for the pipe) so 66 — it does a fair amount of damage: 3d6.

Table E: 67 — so it has a +1 to hit with its targeting chip (ok, maybe a little unbelievable with this weapon, but hey, we’re roleplaying here!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Slace”, swung like a mace with blades mounted on dual rotating heads to “weed wack” some wasteland scum!

🙂 — this fits very well with my general rpg philosophy that the randomness should support and inspire the GM, not dictate what he should do.


Reaction Rolls

July 21, 2009

So, I haven’t found very much info in the MF book about NPC reactions to characters, so I’ve come up with this little table for rolling when the PCs talk to people in town, barter, etc.

The reaction rolls I make are:

  • When the party first enters the town, I roll on a d6, total all their reaction adjustments and add the total to the roll (for instance, the party members have -2, +1, 0, -1, so I total them: -2 and add it to the dice roll: 4, so they end up with 2).
  • When a pc interacts directly with a NPC, I have them roll a d6 and add their reaction adjustment.

Then I consult the table below:

Roll General On the Street Store/Trade Town Reaction
6 and More Hatred The NPC will openly mock, cajole and even attack the PCs (if he is low intelligence or the situation makes it favorable to do so) Refuses to Trade or sell items. May intentionally sell them a “bad” item.  Lynching; pressed into slavery; tarred and feathered.
5 Dislike The NPC distrusts the PCs, and if prompted to pick sides, will actively fight against them. +50% to Book price of goods if selling, -50% to book price if buying. Unless the PCs are on their best behavior, they may be told to leave the town.
3-4 Indifferent  No feeling either way.  Will simply be a spectator in a confrontation.  Book Price  No real reaction.
2 Like  The NPC likes the PC, and will help him if he asks.  Will support / fight for the PC in a fight.  Book price – 50%  Residents are cordial; leader may ask PCs for help on side adventure.
1 Admire The NPC really likes the PC.  He will offer help without being asked.  Book price – 75%; roll 1d4 tech gizmos that the npc has squirrelled away and will offer to the PC at a cheap price. Residents flock to the party.  People offer their homes for the PCs to stay in; they are offered food.  The leader proclaims them honorary sherriffs.
Less than 1 Adores Will offer services as a retainer to the PC, will actively seek to raise his status with the group. Will give items to the PC. Hero’s welcome.  The opposite sex throws themselves at the PCs, they are lavished with gifts, given some title like “lord”.

I’ve tried to make each particular thing a possible story hook.  For example, being adored may not be all that it’s cooked up to be; maybe one of the women in the village claim her bastard child is theirs…etc.

Cover for Zombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons

Cover for Zombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons

Here’s a table set to create weapons from various junk for MF.  This is a beta version, so if anybody uses this please reply and let me know how well it works or share some modifications you think it should have. Roll Table A – D (and E if told to).

Table A: Type of Weapon
D100 Roll

01-15 Projectile
16-37 Stabbing
38-59 Slicing
60-82 Bludgeon
83-00 Ensnare / squeeze

Table B: Power Source
D100 Roll

01-60 Not Powered or simple pulley
61-70 Black Powder cartridge
71-80 Highly Combustible Fuel (i.e. Gasoline)
81-85 Steam Boiler
86-92 Electricity (Solar-Charging Battery) – roll on goodies table
93-96 Electricity (Chemical Battery) – roll on goodies table
97-00 Electricity (Mini Nuke Battery) – roll on goodies table

Table C: Main Skeleton
D100 Roll

01-04 Plumbing Pipe + 3 on effectiveness roll
05-08 Whittled/carved custom Wood Branch + 5 on effectiveness roll
09-12 Animal Bone -5 on effectiveness roll
13-16 Bamboo – 5 on effectiveness roll
17-20 Rebar +5 on effectiveness roll
21-24 Sign-pole
25-28 Steering Wheel – 5 on effectiveness
29-32 Big Rock
33-36 Ammo Case
37-40 Machine Gun body
41-44 Custom Designed Metal Enclosure (must be in a town to have this made with a blacksmith shop – cost $100 gp to cast and build) – + 10 on Effectiveness roll
45-48 (if not available or can’t pay 100 gp, re-roll)
49-52 Metal Watch band (wearable)
53-56 Leather Belt (wearable)
57-60 Glass Jar (ranged weapon)
61-64 Large Metal Drain Pipe Section – + 10 on effectiveness roll
65-70 Briefcase
71-74 Table leg
75-78 Soldier Helmet (wearable)
79-82 Mannequin Arm or Leg
83-86 Mannequin Torso +1 to effectiveness roll
87-90 Taxidermied Animal (pick one of 2-4 foot size)
91-94 Metal Crutch
Robot Exoskeleton Arm +5 to effectiveness roll
95-98 Umbrella
99-00 Severed human head -5 to effectiveness

Table C: Effectiveness
D100 Roll

01-30 “Barely Better than toy hulk hands”
(Eff. Rating 1) –
2D4 Damage
if a projectile weapon has a ROF = 1
31-60 “Meh, gets the job done”
(Eff. Rating 2) –
3D4 Damage
if a projectile weapon has a ROF = 1
if ensnare weapon, does additional 2D4 damage on subsequent turns until captive can make successful stun save.
61-90 “Ooo, nice toy”
(Eff. Rating 3) –
3D6 Damage
if a projectile weapon has a ROF = 2
if ensnare weapon, does additional 3D4 damage on subsequent turns until captive can make successful stun save -1.
91-00 “That’s killer!”
(Eff. Rating 4) –
5D6 Damage
if a projectile weapon has a ROF = 3
if ensnare weapon, does additional 3D4 damage on subsequent turns until captive can make successful stun save – 3.

Table D: Goodies
D100 Roll – only roll on this table if prompted in Table B.

01-25 Shocker!
The target must roll to save against stun on a successful hit. There is a 15% chance that the attacker may get shocked – if they do, they too, must roll to save against stun.
26-50 Microwaves!
The target must roll to save against radiation on a successful hit. There is a 5% chance that the attacker may get a dose of rads – if they do, they too, must roll to save against radiation, class equal to the weapon’s effectiveness level.
51-80 Targeting
The weapon has a built-in targeting chip: +1 to hit.
81-90 Whoa!
Once a day, the weapon discharges a huge amount of damage – its damage roll is doubled (after the roll). However, there is a 15% chance that it will blow up and deal that damage to the user.
91-00 Psychic Weapon!
You are such an ingenious inventor that this weapon’s attacks are psychic! Roll to hit as if the attack were a mental attack. Mutants with the detect mutation ability will register the weapon. However, when used in this fashion, there is a 15% that the weapon will malfunction and drain the user as if it had the “vampiric field” mutation.  Roll number of d6 equal to the effectiveness rating of the weapon for its functional WIL — so if it has a effectiveness rating of 3 — roll 3d6.