July 30, 2009

Name:  Baahbar

Level 1 Mutated Animal (Elephant)
Natural Weapon: Tusks (1d8 Dam)

STR 11  CON 13  DEX 11  INT 8  CHA 9  WIL 14

Aberrant Form (Three eyes)
Body Adjustment
Increased Willpower
Mind Reflection (Negative)
Acestral Form



“Mr. Boom” (Blister Rocket Launcher)  -2 to hit, but on hit, victim must save vs. stun from concussion
Damage: 3d10 per hit
range: 500 ft/1000 ft
Trigger Type:  automatic


Wrist Force Shield Generator – AC 4


3 Responses to “Baahbar”

  1. ze bulette Says:

    …send more pics…

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